Building a strong, sustainable sugar industry in the Proserpine district

Sugar Services Proserpine Limited (SSP) is a non-profit company, limited by guarantee, registered under the Corporations Act 2001 on the 5th July 2013. SSP receives funds from voluntary grower membership and mill membership and operates under a board of directors comprised of representatives from both of these sectors. SSP values productivity, profitability, sustainability and the knowledge of the district’s growers, and provides services in line with these values.


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Phone : 07 4945 1844

Address : 88 Main Street, Proserpine QLD 4740


Sugar Services Proserpine

Core activities and goals

• Enhance the productivity of the Proserpine region sugar industry by increasing the quantity and improving the quality of cane grown
• Facilitate rapid adoption of appropriate new varieties by providing up to date information to support growers’ decision making
• Assist growers to manage and control invasive weeds, pests and diseases and to recognise their impacts on farm productivity
• Assist growers to understand the fundamental importance of good soil health and assist the long term development of appropriate nutrient management plans and practices
• Assist and encourage growers to develop irrigation systems appropriate to their allocations and entitlements which maximise water efficiency and plant development
• Provide timely information to growers of potential and impending threats and the development of rapid response strategies in the event of biosecurity outbreaks and incursions
• Promote a cost effective and efficient cane harvesting and transport system for the Proserpine cane growing region
• Achieve regional sustainability in the Proserpine region through full utilisation of sugar industry capital
• Develop useful communication channels to deliver timely and relevant information to support growers’ decision making processes
• Engage and partner with industry agencies and service providers involved in the production, harvesting, transport and processing of cane